30th anniversary issue

Royal Mail

Royal Mail automation plan: from NDAs to commercial agreements

Like many companies, Royal Mail’s in-house team must deal with the competing demands of costs challenges and increased demand for legal advice from the business. How might legal technology drive efficiency? This case study examines Royal Mail’s project to automate as much legal workflow as possible and empower the business people to do more for […]

The Lawyer turns 30: Best of Tulkinghorn

The Lawyer’s longest-serving employee is Tulkinghorn, who has been writing his diary column – on and off – since 1994. His first ever column, on 24 May that year, included a question of sexual deviancy and the first in a long-running series, legal lookalike, that continues to this day.   1997: Tulkinghorn soon emerged as […]

The offshore firms with the biggest litigation teams, 2017

Over the summer The Lawyer surveyed the top offshore firms about their litigation practices, strategy, and use of technology. What emerged most clearly is that litigation and general contentious work is big business for offshore firms. To take just a handful of examples, litigation represents around half the turnover at Collas Crill and Campbells, while at Appleby, Bedell Cristin and Harneys it accounts for between a quarter and a third of total billings.