Tact and diplomacy

Lawyers – can't live with them, can live without them, especially a particularly charming in-house lawyer Tulkinghorn had the good fortune to meet at The Lawyer Monte Carlo.

City editor Dearbail Jordan was chatting to this silky smooth fellow when the subject of her name came up. After discerning that her name harked from Ireland he asked firstly if her parents had made it up. After being assured that it was, in fact, a real name and was, in fact, one of the oldest names in Ireland the gent promptly replied: "What – like Semtex?"

He then proved his grasp of political correctness by pointing out that the hotel where the event was being held was the only one he had encountered in Europe which didn't have a pay-per-view channel for porn. He went on to explain what a great big hassle it was to have to get a separate bill for his "viewing pleasure" when he checked out at the front desk the following day. Odd, really, that the man in question was by profession a lawyer, not a merchant banker.