Tackling the hard cases

The London Legal League has kicked off its spring season, but this time the great and the good of the legal profession have to face a new contender. Yes, Tulkinghorn has instructed his younger and more nimble assistants to take on the might of the legal profession.
Tulkinghorn's protégés took to the field for the first round of matches last week and exceeded all expectations. Four games and four victories, with only one goal conceded, and now sitting pretty in second place behind DJ Freeman with two games in hand.
Tulkinghorn has been forced to remind his young charges that, while it was a great start, it is a long season – just look at Manchester United's fluctuating fortunes. Nevertheless, it did bring great satisfaction that Tulkinghorn's boys inflicted a humiliating defeat (okay, it was only 1-0) on The Lawyer's own lawyers, Davenport Lyons. Tulkinghorn will now be forwarding his bill for 11 minutes of footballing education to said law firm – which should work out at around 10p.