‘tache of the Titans latest: using facial hair as an aid to networking

Before this whole Movember thing kicked off, I was a bit nervous about growing a moustache. It’s scary going into professional situations looking like a low-budget Groucho Marx. But far from being a barrier to social contact, the moustache is turning into a great ice-breaker.

Just one day into The Lawyer Legal Summit and I’ve already got more cards than I can shake a beard-trimmer at. People have come up to me thinking I’m Borat, and before you know it, a new contact is made.

Maybe that kind of instant ice-breaker is what law firms need to get through the credit crunch. The male partners should grow moustaches, both for the firm and for prostate cancer, and get out and about to make new client contacts.

A lip garden could well turn into the must-have networking tool of this new economic age. And if that fails, it’s time to dust off the lime green mankini. Is nice!

Ben Moshinsky is a member of Team Tulkinghorn: four journalists growing moustaches for Movember, a international charity scheme set up for everyday people to become ’70s footballers and raise some money for prostate cancer sufferers. Read the team’s Moustache Manifesto here.

If you would like to sponsor Team Tulkinghorn for The Prostate Cancer Charity, please click here.

And if you too are taking part in this excellent charity initiative, don’t forget to let us know.