Swiss Bank lends support to EYBA

THE SWISS Bank Corporation has been signed as the first member of the European Young Bar Association's board of sponsors.

The sponsorship agreement, completed last month, will see the SBC profiled at all EYBA activities in Europe, and featured in its publicity material, books and journals.

The SBC's financial backing follows last year's securing by the association of a six-figure ECU grant from the European Commission. The EYBA has declined to announce the level of funding provided by the bank, but it is believed to be between £20,000 and £40,000. Association representatives are also negotiating with two other potential sponsors.

SBC director Dr Andree Arth says the bank decided to support the EYBA because it represents the future of the legal profession in Europe.

“The pan-European nature of the association was an asset which could not be overlooked,” says Arth.

EYBA president Andrew Greenfield, a partner in London firm Howard Kennedy, says the SBC's support “is further confirmation of the validity and effectiveness of our association.

“The EYBA aims to assist the welfare and interests of Europe's young lawyers through its projects, and the financial support and kudos which quality sponsors such as SBC give the EYBA are very important to our success,” he says. “We had to prove our worth to SBC. They are not the type of organisation to invest in something without good reason.”