Sweet smell of success

A tale reached Tulkinghorn last week of Brown Rudnick and its plush West End offices. While on a visit last week one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes was fascinated to learn that the older part of the building boasts 17th century murals protected by English Heritage. A better story, however, came courtesy of London head Scott Burns, who recalled the day Sophie, Countess of Essex, popped in.

“It was back in the days when she was still working in PR,” recalled Burns. “We have a great space here between the original building and the new office out back, and her company hired it to launch the new perfume by Karl Lagerfeld.”

Sophie, in her wisdom, had arranged for a procession of French fashion models to parade around the Brown Rudnick space, spraying all and sundry with the new pong. The glass walls surrounding the room were, by all accounts, awash with the pressed-up noses of the firm’s downtrodden assistants.

So it seems Brown Rudnick has inadvertently stumbled on the most effective way of making sure a firm’s lawyers come in to the office. Although it does not guarantee that they’ll do any work.