Sweet and sour

Tulkinghorn doesn't want those nice people at Lovells to think he is picking on them and their shiny new building. In fact, Tulkinghorn was most impressed to hear that the firm does not skimp on provisions during meetings. In addition to a large plate of fresh cookies – custard creams would simply not go with the new décor – a wide selection of chocolate bars, such as Mars Bars – are also laid on for hungry punters.
But is has come to Tulkinghorn's attention that the firm may have pulled a few strings to come by its never-ending stash of sweeties. “The Mars Bars are a cheat,” said one reliable source. “Mars is a client so they get all the chocolate for free.”
As the firm has also recently advised supermarket giant Waitrose, Tulkinghorn is considering timing any future meetings at Lovells around dinner time, just in case any tasty ready meals have found their way into the meeting rooms.