Sutherland Asbill & Brennan Releases Salt Shaker App

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP announced today the release of its new Sutherland SALT Shaker app for iPhone and Android. The app alerts users to important state and local tax (SALT) developments and enables users to easily find specific, relevant and timely tax insights. The Sutherland SALT Shaker app was launched in the iTunes App Store on October 11 and went live on Google Play on October 16.

“State and local tax is a quickly evolving area of law,” says Jeff Friedman, a Washington D.C.-based partner in Sutherland’s renowned State and Local Tax practice. “The Sutherland SALT Shaker app allows our practice to quickly and effectively communicate these developments to our clients and friends and makes it easy for users to find, sort and view content. In a lot of ways, the SALT Shaker app heightens the dialogue we have established within the SALT community.”

The Sutherland SALT Shaker app is a next-generation law firm app that maximizes the attributes of mobile technology. A simple, map-based interface allows users to pre-select jurisdictions, tax types and topics. This customization allows users to monitor only relevant tax developments. A briefcase feature functions to store SALT developments for email export with a single touch of the screen. The app’s push notifications ensure users receive information on important developments the moment it becomes available.

“Those of us responsible for monitoring SALT developments have been eagerly awaiting an app that allows for tracking and storing relevant state tax developments,” says Tom Donnelly, Vice President of State and Local Tax for Comcast Corporation. “Like the best smartphone apps, it takes something that can be inconvenient or time-consuming and makes it easily accessible.”

The Sutherland SALT Shaker app is the latest in a series of innovative communications from Sutherland’s SALT practice, following in the footsteps of the popular Sutherland SALT Shaker newsletter and blog, and the “A Pinch of SALT” column published in State Tax Notes. Like the SALT team’s other publications, the new app is not just a way for Fortune 500 tax personnel to get the most up-to-date state and local tax information – it has a lighter side, too.

“The SALT Shaker app also features our popular Pet of the Month column,” Friedman says. “Our people set us apart from other state tax practices. We pride ourselves not only on the advice we provide our clients but also on the relationships we build with them. The Pet of the Month feature is a fun way to show a little bit about who we are.”

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