The Lawyer, in association with Paul Hastings, is undertaking a major research project that goes to the heart of the evolution of the in-house legal function.

As industries throughout the UK come to terms with long-term disruption, in-house legal professionals have been key in planning both a short and long-term business strategy to secure the overall financial health of the business.

This comes despite disruptions to traditional working patterns, hierarchies, and what it really means to ‘go to work’.

Our research will focus on the short and long-term impact of coronavirus and lockdown on the relationship between the legal function and the business.

We will also examine the impact that remote working has had, and will have, on the role of in-house lawyer and the legal function, as well as the role of counsel in the strategic direction and transformation of the business in the future.

Inevitably, consideration will also be given to the role of AI, the future of the gig economy, and anticipated business threats going forward.

Our analysis is underpinned by a short survey, and if you work in a senior in-house legal role we’d love to hear your input.

The anonymous survey is available to view here and we are also looking to conduct interviews on the topic. If you would like to take part please contact senior research analyst Jesse Middleton