As we emerge from lockdown with employees having been through the biggest change and challenge, they have ever seen, the implications for building culture(s) that will be fit for purpose will remain a theme for the boardroom for many years to come. Notwithstanding the ongoing challenges around global sustainability, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a result, business leaders more than ever will be reliant on listening tools to understand the personal motivations of employees i.e., their values, what the impact of the new metaphysical relationship with the workplace will have on the values they experience and the values they would like to see as we return to the hybrid workplace. All sacrosanct to building back more inclusive, productive and happier workplaces – meaningfully and sustainably.

To have your say on what values will matter most for the legal industry, The Lawyer has teamed up with culture analysts Brands With Values to create a five-minute survey.

Your individual answers will be anonymous, and all participants will get a copy of the published report. We hope you’ll see it as an opportunity to share how the crisis has shaped company culture and whether the experience will prompt positive long-term change.

For any queries or to pre-order your copy, please email

“The workplace landscape has changed forever, creating the urgent need to review and refine the old norm. Our kitchen tables, spare bedrooms and garages have in many instances been our daily office. Our relationship between our work/life balance has most likely changed and been challenged. So, as we begin to explore our new every day, we should ask ourselves what values would like to see in the legal industry?”

  • Adrian Walcott, Managing Direct Brands with Values.