Sun trap

Tulkinghorn knows they breed them tough down under, but even he had to raise an eyebrow when the story of Minter Ellison’s London managing partner Rob Hanley reached his ears.

It seems Hanley was trying to make the most of the Australianesque weather in the UK recently and was assisting his son unfold the wooden sunlounger. “He wanted to get the tray table out, you know, where you rest your gin ‘n’ tonics,” said Hanley senior. But it seems the table wouldn’t budge; so Hanley, in the best bit of lateral thinking this year, decided to push instead of pull, resulting in a nicely jammed finger and a fine display of Australian vernacular.

Not content with that, when his youngest inquired what was wrong Hanley felt obliged to demonstrate exactly how he’d managed to gain his injury – and promptly jammed his other finger.