Sullivan & Cromwell – UK 100

UK/global turnover: £42m/£419m

UK/global PEP: £1.3m/£1.2m

UK/global revenue per lawyer: £677,000/£648,000

UK revenue per partner/equity partner: £3.2m/£3.2m

Global revenue per equity partner: £2.8m

UK/global number of partners: 13/152

UK/global number of lawyers: 62/647

UK number of staff: 60

UK/global leverage ratio: 1:3.7/1:3.2

UK equity partner to staff ratio: 1:3.2

Equity structure: Merit-based. Partner distribution is decided annually by the firm’s executive committee, headed by chairman Rodgin Cohen.

Billable hours targets: None set.

Billing currency: Mixture of sterling, dollar and euro.

Cost of living details: The firm does not have secondees. Relocating US lawyers tend to stay on a permanent basis. The firm provides a lump sum allowance of between $40,000 (£24,500) and $50,000 (£30,500), this was reviewed in 2003 due to currency fluctuations.

UK-based lawyer remuneration: All lawyers are paid in dollars. The firm has a currency mechanism in place.