Suing the fat

Tulkinghorn's advice for Australian meat-lovers: Don't wear your love on your sleeve, or feet for that matter. The Sydney Morning Herald last week reported on the somewhat bizarre plight of Ross Lucock, who could be facing a A$750,000 (£269,000) damages claim. Lucock was enjoying a lively drinks evening at the Jannali Inn four years ago, when he was told to put his shoes on, he told an Australian District Court last week. But having won the meat tray raffle that night, instead of choosing his shoes he instead chose to strap a couple of pork chops to his feet. Unfortunately, another punter, upholsterer Troy Bowron, slipped on the floor and broke two bones in his arm. He is claiming that his fall was due to the floor being greased by pork fat. Bowron is now suing the hotel, its licensee and Lucock for strapping pork chops to his feet and creating a danger and not warning him of the danger.