Succession planning

Unbeknown to most DLA Piper partners, there was a succession race for control of the DLA empire. That race was settled last week when Nigel Knowles, doyen of DLA Piper, and his wife Sally gave birth to a son, Jack Austin.

Nigel is understood to have already put in place plans for Jack to preside over the opening of DLA Piper’s first office on Mars.

Tulkinghorn’s first thought was the name sounds suspiciously like a career in Wrestlemania awaits, but further investigative reporting (ie a quick Google search) found that other famous Jack Austins include a rugged Australian rules football player from the 1930s, a Canadian senator for British Columbia, and a 1960s actor in a little-known TV series called The Villains.

Tulkinghorn is sure the new Jack Austin will leave the fame of his namesakes in his wake.