Strongarming a lawyer

Tulkinghorn likes a lawyer who’s up for a challenge. But every man should know his limits, as Tony Edwards, managing partner of South East player Thomas Eggar, made clear over lunch recently.

Edwards admitted that, after having set himself the by no means easy goal of running the London Marathon back in 1996, he decided to mark the start of a three-month abstinence period by going on the Queen Mother of all benders.

Taking the form of a long liquid lunch with seven close friends, the ill-fated jolly ended shortly after the production of a £633 bill.

Dispensing with the itemised and even-split approaches to paying, the party instead agreed that the tab would picked up by just one of the diners – the loser of a spontaneous arm-wrestling match between every guest at the table.

Cruising through the first and second rounds, Edwards met his nemesis in the final. The very much hands-on owner of a lift-fitting business, the chum’s crucial advantage was having the lower back strength that Edwards, as it would soon appear, lacked.

Losing not only the bout, but any chance of winning the London Marathon 1995, Edwards paid for his defeat with not only £633 worth of fine food and wine, but two torn ligaments, two slipped discs, a dislocated pelvis and a subsequent year spent working part time. But at least he’s been dining out on the story ever since…