Striking oil at ‘Sheds

Here’s a nice bit of repositioning. Eversheds is doing its best to shake off its ’national law firm’ tag by doing something rather strategic in the Middle East (see story).

The firm has merged with KSLG, a consortium of law firms in the region. The new offices will be fully paid-up members of Eversheds’ LLP; except in Riyadh, where the firm has had to settle for an association.

In addition to Riyadh, the merger gifts Eversheds offices in Amman, Baghdad and Dubai to complement its existing offices in Abu Dhabi and Doha.

When it comes to Dubai it is fair to say that the firm is hopelessly late to the party – so late, in fact, that it’s only getting there just in time to see the obligatory drunk girl crying. Still, there are sure to be a few UK lawyers who will be tempted by a secondment to the land of eternal sunshine and tax-free living.

A less easy sell will be Iraq. Baghdad, after all, isn’t likely to feature on Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey any time soon.

Then again, Eversheds does have offices in Birmingham…


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