Stress is the City

What grinds your gears most in the office on a Monday morning? It’s well worth checking our survey of stress in law, to see if your issues chime with the leading causes of work-related stress in the legal profession.

Perhaps it’s that particularly prickly superior, or the ear-bashing client that seems to exist purely to drive you crazy? Well, the good news is that you’re not the only one.

Of all the various causes of stress flagged up by the survey’s respondents, being expected to complete too much work in too little time is the biggest problem. The magic circle firms are among the biggest culprits, with 87 per cent citing workload as an issue, compared to 67 per cent of those at US firms in London.

Meanwhile, US firms are on top when it comes to bureaucracy, with 12 per cent of its lawyers reporting dealing with red tape as a problem, compared with 10 per cent of magic circle respondents.

Also – with a still a week to go before the deadline, don’t miss out on your chance to enter this year’s The Lawyer Management awards.

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