Streamlined service for Chancery list

THE CENTRAL London County Court is to launch a new Chancery list this spring to provide a streamlined service for cases remitted to it by the High Court.

Litigators and clients in the South East are expected to benefit from the move, which aims to handle specialist commercial cases faster and, by implication, more economically.

Herbert Smith will be the first firm to have a case in the new list. Property litigation partner Lucy Hutchinson, whose landlord and tenant case is already allocated for its interlocutory hearing, said: “We regard this as good news for lawyers and their clients.”

Hutchinson added: “It is in keeping with Lord Woolf's ideas, in that there will be an assigned judge from start to finish who will be able to deal with things quickly and efficiently.”

The move follows a practice direction by the Vice-Chancellor stating that Chancery cases would be remitted to the Central London Court instead of the Mayors and City of London Court because it had more suitable accommodation.

Donna Whitton, chief clerk at Central London, said: “It will be easier to handle the work, while staff expertise is built up. Users will get a better quality of service.”