A night at the opera? A day at the races? Nope. When Slaughter and May‘s corporate department does corporate entertainment, it likes to get down and dirty with the sweating hordes.

Slaughters’ partners and all-round hepcats Andy Ryde and Chris Saul treated Tulkinghorn’s scribes to an evening with old skool ravers The Chemical Brothers at South London’s premier dancing venue The Brixton Academy. While the hacks were slightly bemused to be raving with Slaughters, they weren’t as shocked as a Slaughters’ IT assistant, who responded to the sight of Ryde and Saul with a screamed: “What the f**k are you doing here?”

Cover blown, thought the onlookers. Still, Ryde and Saul flew into the moshpit with much gusto, while their associates stood at the bar politely declining the Es (whatever they are) that were being offered at regular intervals.

When a wide-eyed Ryde and Saul returned from the fray, Tulkinghorn is quite sure they were entranced only by the Chemicals’ block-rocking beats.