Stewarts Law settles claim but fight continues for lawyer duo

There was concern across the profession last year after two Stewarts Law lawyers were struck off following a private prosecution. It was a legal first.

Now the case against Stewarts Law – the one that kick started the Tribunal proceedings – has settled and the claimant, businessman Geoffrey Logue, is no longer pursuing his claims against the two lawyers.

Does that mean that the strike off will be set aside?

The fate of partner Andrew Shaw and associate Craig Turnbull hangs in the balance. The pair challenged the SDT decision in the High Court, a move that resulted in it reversing the strike off and recommending that the SDT holds a retrial. It is up to the Tribunal whether it will heed the wishes of the High Court. 

This is a complex battle, one that raises questions over litigation funding arrangements and involves some big business names including the Candy brothers.

For Stewarts Law the battle may be over, but for the lawyer pair the scrap has just got a whole lot messier.

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