Stephenson Harwood trains partners to communicate with trainees

Stephenson Harwood has launched a partner training scheme in a bid to strengthen relationships between partners, associates and trainees

The firm’s Partner Development Programme (PDP), which began last month, involves intensive training at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, in order to improve interpersonal and communication skills.

The three-day course focuses on leadership skills, how to give feedback and how to manage teams.

Stephenson Harwood chief executive officer Sunil Ghadia said: “The training covers a wide range of areas but a large portion of the course is developing communication skills and how to strengthen relationships with colleagues as well as clients.”

Partners from the firm’s global offices are taking part in the new programme, which has proved a success for partners and junior members of staff.

Ghadia said: “It’s important that trainees and associates are confident about their work and the relationships with the partners at Stephenson Harwood. The partners have benefited from the course and it has been a great success so far.”

Ghadia added that training and development has become increasingly important in recent years and the PDP demonstrates the firm’s dedication to this area.