Stepford lawyers

While some shipping firms have undergone something of an image overhaul recently (Holman Fenwick & Willan, for example, has just had a full inner and outer body scrub by Hildebrandt), others appear to be hanging on to their old-fashioned looks.
Shaw and Croft is an obvious example, reflected in the sober photographs of its lawyers who appear on its website. None of the cheesy, multi-angled looks you expect on corporatised law firms’ websites; these are images of solid, sturdy chaps and chapettes looking stern and self-disciplined, dressed in suits and located in their old-fashioned office. That is, until you get to one Nicholas Taylor, who appears to be showing that there is a wilder side to the firm. In his picture he is seated on a BMW motorbike wearing black leathers. Clearly, despite 30 years in the legal profession, he hasn’t quite got his former policing days out of his system.