SPG vice-chair gives franchising his vote

SOLE practitioners are better placed to win franchises than the larger law firms, a leading figure in the Sole Practitioners Group has claimed.

A distinctly pro-franchising stance has been adopted by John Lymbury, vice-chair of the SPG, whose Nottingham firm is in the process of applying for a franchise.

Lymbury, who also supports the Law Society's practice management standards, stresses he is speaking personally and his pro-franchising views are not SPG policy.

But the family and PI specialist is planning to stand as SPG chair later this year and told The Lawyer he would be taking up the franchising issue if he got the top job.

His views are at odds with a widespread perception that moves towards franchising and practice management standards put high street firms at a disadvantage.

Last year society president Martin Mears condemned the practice standards as a bureaucratic burden. But Lymbury believes smaller offices with fewer staff are better placed to adopt the administrative procedures required by quality standards than larger firms whose administrative structures have to be more complex.