Specialise at your peril

I have been following the 'to specialise or not to specialise' debate with interest. In my opinion, a solicitor (unlike a barrister) should first of all be a man of affairs.

Prior to coming into private practice I was a senior examiner with the Inland Revenue for 10 years and have been a magistrate for 21 years. I have naturally specialised in both tax and crime and am a member of STEP and a duty solicitor.

In the interests of my clients, I have always kept up to date with financial, commercial, conveyancing and other matters. As a result, I have been able to look after the broad range of legal needs my clients have. The recession has had no effect on my practice.

General practitioners should therefore treat the advice from the Law Society to become specialists with caution.

Alex Alagappa,

Chair, British Legal Association, Swansea