Special report: Insurance

Special report: InsuranceInsurers everywhere are bracing themselves for an upsurge in claims as the global economy slides into recession. And this when the UK insurance market is experiencing some fundamental changes relating to how it handles claims.

The legal side of insurance is repositioning to seize the opportunities arising as the market evolves. Kennedys, for example, is spreading its geographical base by acquiring new offices.

This Insurance Special Report examines the changing nature of the insurance market from a domestic and a US perspective.

The first report looks at the impact the US credit market crisis is having on the global insurance market.

The second feature focuses on the so called ‘trigger litigation’ that will affect victims of asbestos compensation.

The final report looks at why Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) v Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited (2008) could lead to subrogated claims being brought by and against negligent joint-insureds.

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