Special report: Financial services & pensions

Special report: Financial services & pensionsThe Financial Services Authority (FSA) has come under renewed scrutiny in recent months following the meltdown in the banking sector.

The first report examines the FSA’s past as a ‘light-touch’ regulator and whether there is any future in its much-vaunted regime of principles-based regulation.

With turmoil in the capital markets having a significant effect on numerous pension schemes, a major concern for pension fund trustees is ensuring that their members can retain as many of their accrued benefits as possible. The second report looks at ways of de-risking pension schemes in a climate when pension buyouts are becoming a regular feature of the market.

The third report looks at the powers afforded to the Pensions Regulator and examines how far the watchdog can go in ensuring employers fund their defined benefit pensions schemes. Times have changed since 1992, when employers could fund the schemes as and when they pleased, but how much power does the regulator actually have?

The fourth article highlights the role of pensions lawyers in helping employers and trustees steer a course through choppy financial waters. The fifth and final article looks at how the bonus culture of banks and public companies will change in favour of a more considered approach post credit crunch.

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