Special report: Central Europe

Special report: Central EuropeStill a hotbed of financial activity, Central European law firms are placed in and around an emerging market that has much to offer lawyers.

The first article in this special report looks at Austria, where firms that have been benefiting from the country’s proximity to Eastern Europe believe they can now consolidate their position following the departure of big hitters from the UK.

The second article looks at the Czech Republic, where the slow tailing off of privatisation work and the looming economic downturn has seen some firms desert the country in favour of others on the continent. But with one government-owned business still left to be sold, and restructuring work on the horizon, could the country still prove lucrative for lawyers?

The third and final article looks at how domestic firms in Hungary are successfully stepping in to occupy the gap left by international firms, which are leaving the country altogether or creating pseudo-international firms in their wake.

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