Solicitor tells press Anton Piller details

A BLACKBURN solicitor who obtained an Anton Piller order in a bid to recover debts from a client, and then leaked information from seized documents to the press, has been described as “stupid” and “naive” by the barrister representing her.

Sole practitioner Bushra Anwar admitted contempt of court at Preston High Court over her decision to “talk to the press” about information she had gleaned from documents.

The court heard how Anwar had obtained an Anton Piller order to recover a £3,500 debt. During execution of the order last September, property and documents were seized which led Anwar to believe that her client was claiming DSS benefits while renting out property he owned. She informed the DSS and spoke to the press, and so breached the rules regarding Anton Piller orders.

Reserving judgment until September, Judge Sachs said the information obtained was “used wholly improperly” but added that he was not considering a custodial penalty. He added he would be passing on his findings to the Law Society.