SNR Denton: The Movie

First there was the humble wedding video. Next came the somewhat less innocent age of the celebrity sex tape. Now, with transatlantic tie-ups the sujet du jour for the ambitious law firm, high command at the newly monikered SNR Denton give us ’Merger: The Movie’.

The mind-bogglingly irony-free video nasty features soon to be co-CEOs Howard Morris and Elliot Portnoy alongside co-chairmen Martin Kitchen and Joe Andrew giving an open and honest assessment of the pros and cons of the Dentons/Sonnenschein union (see story).

The film of the four guys lounging around a hotel lobby shooting the breeze is like a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into what those fraught merger talks must have been like.

“We’ve been fortunate to find one another,” gushes Elliot, as he lovingly brushes some stray hair out of Martin’s face.

“Our partners are going to love SNR Denton,” retaliates Martin, demonstrating the kind of hard-ball negotiating skills that gets these deals done.

And with a final lyrical flourish, Howard chimes in at the last with the devastating: “I’m so excited by the prospects that this combination offers us.”

It’s truly gripping stuff, which leaves one wondering why Hogan & Hartson and Lovells never thought of the idea before their merger. Surely ’Last Tango in Harris’ would have been a sure-fire hit?