Snow business like Snow business

Except the soft crunch of a freshly fallen pedestrian.
The weather downturn (Snowgate?) has forced bored news presenters to mumble over pictures of empty motorways (bad) or cheery footage of a robin on a hedge (good) to even more apathetic viewers.
But the more personal and painful story of trippers and slippers has been buried in the blizzard of people shovelling snow off their driveways and graphics of giant snowflakes.
It was up to The Law Society to mention that there are to be much more personal injury claims arising from the ice rink conditions.
The society reminded ‘consumers’ that they can go straight to specialist ambulance chasers, sorry, specialist lawyers, if they wish to make a claim.
It’s good advice for those looking for cash to help ease the bruising on their backsides. But we can’t help thinking at the same time that ice victims would be better off looking at their choice of footwear, or decision to walk on the ice in the first place.
Slipping on the ice is about as fun as having a concrete slab smashed into your face, but if a faller didn’t know it was icy they should’ve watched the news.
Political opinions aside, we’ve never been so pleased to see Gordon Brown back on the telly.
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