Smith makes Twig snap

Spare a thought for Simon Twigden, the Addleshaw Goddard litigation partner at the centre of the dispute with Mr Justice Peter Smith over a £750,000-a-year job at the firm.

As you might guess, it’s been a pretty stressful few weeks and now Twigden is finding it hard to get some distance between him and the case.

And it’s not helped by a cruel twist of fate that has Addleshaws’ chief operating officer also going by the name of Peter Smith.

While the memory of his experience may last forever anyway, it hardly helps that he is reminded constantly of it in his place of work. Poor Twiggers’ heart jumps into his mouth every time he gets an email from the Addleshaws Smith, even now.

But let’s face it, it’s a pretty common name. Tulkinghorn supposes the Twig will meet a fair few Peter Smiths in the years to come. It is to be hoped he’ll get along fine with the majority.