Slaughters rejigs lifestyle committee

Slaughter and May has reshuffled its lifestyle committee following the departure of competition partner Laura Carstensen and the decision by the group’s informal chairperson Frances Murphy to step down.

Murphy has been replaced by corporate partner David Wittmann, although she remains a member of the committee. Carstensen, who left last December for lifestyle reasons, has been replaced by competition partner Bertrand Louveaux.

The informal group, dubbed the “lifestyle committee” by partners, looks at work-life balance and firm practices that could affect gender and diversity equality in the partnership.

One of the issues it has considered in concert with the firm’s human resources department is paternity pay. The firm now pays employees a full two weeks’ full paternity pay rather than the statutory minimum.

Other members of the committee include corporate partner Elizabeth Holden, senior partner Tim Clarke and dispute resolution partner Richard Swallow.