Slater Heelis set to merge with Colliers

Manchester-based firm Slater Heelis Sale is merging with Collier Littler – just a year after the firm was decimated following a three-way split by the original partners.

Slater Heelis Sale was originally part of Slater Heelis, which broke up in 1998 when its senior partner Egan Brooks and six other partners joined Addleshaw Booth & Co.

Cobbetts took on nine partners while the remaining staff decided to go it alone with just three partners. This increased to six due to promotions.

Jarleth Walsh will stay as senior partner. The firm will be called Slater Heelis Collier Littler. David Stocks will become managing partner. It is unclear what position John Waind, senior partner at Collier Littler, will take.

Edward Michell, head of residential property at Collier Littler, says: “We are primarily going on seniority based on age.” But he adds: “We are all senior equity partners.”

The merger will create a nine-partner firm, with 50 staff and four offices across Manchester.