Slanging catch

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like barristers’ clerks are speaking a completely different language?

Well, it’s probably because they are.

The Institute of Barristers’ Clerks has compiled a glossary of clerking speak, which could help the humble lawyer understand what the clerks are going on about (well, that’s if they let you see it).

We, however, managed to get a sneaky peek and it’s juicy.

Let’s just say, if you ever hear a clerk say something about you along the following lines we suggest you get down to the pub for a couple of “frighteners” to steady the nerves.

“They made a total blurter causing a whole Dionne Warwick. If there’s anymore supposed Gareth Gates there’s going to be an Elton John and Kiki Dee which will no doubt lead to them ending up with an Eric B and Rakim.”

Want a translation? Check out our story.