SJ Berwin’s friendly Facebook

SJ Berwin first announced a radical overhaul of its international strategy in 2006, vowing to create formal referral relationships in China, India and the US.

Since then the firm has been busy. In fact, it’s made lots of friends. So many that management is most unamused by market gossip suggesting it is reducing its circle of friends or, God forbid, going super-best-friends with someone.

An inside source said: “We’ve lots of friends in America and are trying to develop a nice broad range there.”

Indeed, another SJ Berwin source claimed that the firm is afraid to be seen to be committing to a select group of firms in any region.

Translation: committing to one or a few would mean losing out on massive referrals from all the others.

Why have best friends when you can have loads of friends? We’ll christen it the Facebook strategy.