SJ Berwin helps thousands lose the pounds

If you were one of the 400,000 people who didn’t get paid
today, blame SJ Berwin.

Just one month ago SJ Berwin trumpeted its role advising the
UK payments association Apacs on “a project to speed up the
processing of bank transfers”.

But the project is a work in progress. The system went badly
wrong today causing delayed payments to thousands of employees.

Okay, we admit it, SJ Berwin may not have been entirely to
blame for the computer glitch – but hey, someone’s got to
buy the drinks tonight.

We won’t name the lawyer who led on the project, but with a
net profit of GBP59m last year the firm can afford to get some
beers in for the rest of us. Still, let’s hope (fingers
firmly crossed) its own employees got paid on time.