Sitting targets

This week’s award for the most out-there photos on a law firm website goes to DWF. Dear reader, you simply have to check it out.

Each lawyer is featured engrossed in some pastime or other, presumably representative of their brief minutes outside the office and intended to illustrate what well-rounded individuals DWF solicitors are.

But, in true Whose Line is it Anyway? style, the partners had to act out said pastime with the aid of an office chair.

So we are presented with Dave Young, an insurance partner in Liverpool, fixing his ‘bike’. Daren Charlton, another insurance partner based in Manchester, bravely waving a Liverpool FC scarf.

Meanwhile in Preston, wacky real estate partner Roland Maguire is a man who clearly thinks outside the box – well, sits outside the chair at least.

Tulkinghorn’s favourite, however, is Paul Attwood, an IP partner who clearly loves his music. The dude is pictured with Stratocaster in hand, foot up on a stand-in wedge (ie, the chair).

“It’s too short so make the most of it,” says Attwood.

Tulkinghorn is advised he means life.