Simmons & Simmons has followed Linklaters‘ example by rolling out a new range of benefits to pamper hard-working London associates and trainees.

Simmons’ employees can now enjoy concierge services, free gym membership, and time off for overtime, dubbed “Owl & Lark leave”.

A firm statement pointed out: “This is so called because owls are night birds and larks are birds that traditionally greet the dawn.”

Managing partner Mark Dawkins said: “We’ve been driving the business harder and we expect a lot. I realised we needed to give back more to hard-working people.”

He told The Lawyer that the project was only in its pilot stages but it was expected that it would be rolled out across the firm should it be a success.

While the concierge service is open to all staff, partners do not qualify for Owl & Lark leave as the scheme applies only to trainees and associates. For partners, there is no such thing as overtime.

Linklaters rolled out a similar benefits package in May. The firm launched its ‘Time Bank Scheme’, which allows those associates and trainees who have a 90 per cent utilisation rate to an extra day of paid leave every quarter. These days can be rolled into a mini-sabbatical of up to 20 days.