Simmons & Simmons is to keep on 78 per cent of its final-seat trainees in newly-qualified (NQ) jobs this autumn.

There were 27 trainees in the firm’s qualifying cohort, with 26 trainees applying for NQ jobs of whom 22 received offers, and 21 accepted.

Simmons has a patchy record when it comes to retention, with this result falling somewhere in the middle of its recent results.

Meanwhile, Travers Smith is retaining 90 per cent of its trainees, hanging on to 18 out of 20.

Eight qualify into the corporate department, three each go to the tax and dispute resolution teams, while finance, financial services and markets, competition and employment take the remaining four.

Travers has a far more consistent record than Simmons, posting 94 per cent retention in 2014, 2015 and 2016.