Simmons & Simmons partner case declared a mistrial

For the second time this year, jurors in a New York court hearing the case against David Sandy could not reach a verdict. After four days deliberation, the jury voted 11 to one for conviction, unable to reach the majority verdict required.

Sandy is charged with concealing the computer business diary of BCCI's chief executive. He is also accused of conspiracy for allegedly trying to hide the business diary from a grand jury investigating the bank.

Sandy represented the bank's majority shareholders in London, including members of the royal family of the United Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi government agencies.

BCCI was charged with fraud, drug money laundering, bribery and illegally acquiring US banks. It admitted laundering drug money in 1990 and was shut down by regulators a year later with estimated debts of $10 billion.

In April, after a seven week trial, a mistrial was declared when the jury remained deadlocked after three days deliberations.

Prosecutors claim Sandy stashed the computer business diary of BCCI CEO Zafar Iqbal and ordered it copied and destroyed. Sandy, however, denies ever seeing or touching the computer