Silks: The full list of new QCs

The ranks of female and solicitor-advocate QCs have been swelled by a record number of new appointments in the first round of the revamped silk application process.

Nearly half of the 68 female applicants were awarded silk, with the 33 women practising across a wide range of areas. Previously the highest number of women to have been appointed silk was 12, in 2002.

The four solicitor-advocates to have been appointed include Linklaters partner Christopher Style and Hugh James partner John Powell. The appointments bring the total number of solicitor QCs to 12.

Style said he hoped his appointment would encourage more solicitors to practise advocacy.

The majority of the appointments were in London-based commercial sets. Civil practitioners account for 58 per cent of the new silks; 30 per cent practise crime and 10 per cent are family specialists.

7 King’s Bench Walk, with six appointments, has the most new silks, closely followed by Essex Court Chambers with five.

The chair of the selection panel, Sir Duncan Nicholl, told a press conference yesterday (19 July) that the successful applicants had been chosen purely on the competency criteria set down and not according to market demand or any quotas.

“We believe they are drawn from a broader range of barristers and solicitors than has been the case in the past,” Nicholl said.

Nicholl added that he expected the process to begin again after the panel and the QC appointments secretariat had considered what needs to be changed. He said that in particular the panel wanted to address the time burden laid on the 4,500 referees.



No 5 Chambers: Anthony Crean
Atkin Chambers: Stephanie Barwise, Simon Lofthouse
Blackstone Chambers: Robert Anderson, Michael Fordham, Dinah Rose
Brick Court Chambers: Neil Calver
Byrom Street Chambers (Manchester): James Rowley
1 Chancery Lane: Simon Readhead
Cloisters: Paul Epstein
1 Crown Office Row: Martin Forde
Devereux Chambers: Ingrid Simler, Colin Wynter
Doughty Street Chambers: Robin Oppenheim, Heather Williams
Enterprise Chambers: Peter Arden
One Essex Court: Anthony de Garr Robinson, Richard Gillis, Andrew Lenon
Essex Court Chambers: Simon Bryan, Huw Davies, David Foxton, Martin Griffiths, John Lockey
20 Essex Street: Andrew Baker, Timothy Otty, David Owen
39 Essex Street: Charles Cory-Wright
Exchange Chambers: Tania Griffiths, William Waldron
Falcon Chambers: Martin Rodger, Jonathan Small
Fountain Court: Craig Orr, Patricia Robertson
2-3 Gray’s Inn Square: Morag Ellis, David Matthias
4-5 Gray’s Inn Square: Richard Humphreys
2 Harcourt Buildings: Gerald Gouriet
Keating Chambers: Rosemary Jackson, Alexander Nissen
6 King’s Bench Walk: David Perry
7 King’s Bench Walk: David Bailey, Robert Bright, David Edwards, Stephen Kenny, Simon Picken, Richard Southern
11 King’s Bench Walk: Clive Lewis, Philip Sales
12 King’s Bench Walk: Nicholas Heathcote Williams, Stephen Worthington
Kings’ Chambers: Lesley Anderson
Landmark Chambers: Nathalie Lieven, Tim Mould
Littleton Chambers: David Reade
Maitland Chambers: Matthew Collings, Edwin Johnson, John Nicholls
Matrix Chambers: Thomas Linden, Heather Rogers
Monckton Chambers: Michael Bowsher, Jon Turner
Four New Square: David Halpern
8 New Square: James Mellor
10 Old Square: Francis Barlow
15 Old Square: Christopher Sokol
Old Square Chambers: Barry Cotter, Jennifer Eady
9 Park Place (Cardiff): Andrew Keyser
30 Park Place (Cardiff): Lloyd Williams
4 Pump Court: James Cross, Adrian Hughes, Nicholas Vineall
Six Pump Court: Peter Harrison
Pump Court Tax Chambers: David Ewart, Julian Ghosh
Quadrant Chambers: David Goldstone, Nigel Jacobs
Radcliffe Chambers: Robert Pearce
Ropewalk Chambers (Nottingham): Patrick Limb, Dominic Nolan
Serle Court: Philip Jones, Khawar Qureshi
3/4 South Square: David Alexander, Stephen Atherton, Antony Zacaroli
11 South Square: Iain Purvis
St John’s Chambers (Bristol): Leslie Blohm
9 St John Street (Manchester): Paul Gilroy
St Philips Chambers: Lance Ashworth
3 Serjeant’s Inn: Philip Moon
3 Stone Buildings: Gilead Cooper
4 Stone Buildings: Jonathan Crow
9 Stone Buildings: Vivian Chapman
1 Temple Gardens: Robin Tam
2 Temple Gardens: Jaqueline Perry
2 Temple Gardens: Martin Porter
3 Verulam Buildings: Andrew Fletcher, Jonathan Nash
Wilberforce Chambers: Jonathan Karas, Michael Tennet


9-12 Bell Yard: Philippa McAtasney
Devereux Chambers: Stephen Killalea
10-11 Gray’s Inn Square: Mark Muller
3 Hare Court: Peter Knox


Albion Chambers (Bristol): Michael Fitton
2 Bedford Row: Tracy Ayling, John Dodd, Mark Milliken-Smith
36 Bedford Row: Lynn Tayton
7 Bedford Row: John Pini
25 Bedford Row: Paul Mendelle
9-12 Bell Yard: Michael Egan, Mohammed Khamisa, Christine Laing
25-27 Castle Street (Cardiff): Nicholas Johnson
Citadel Chambers (Birmingham): Mark Wall
Cloth Fair Chambers: Richard Horwell, Ian Winter
Cobden House Chambers (Manchester): Louise Blackwell
23 Essex Street: David Rainsford
Exchange Chambers: Gordon Cole
Fountain Chambers (Middlesborough): James Hill
Guildhall Chambers (Bristol): Peter Blair, Andrew Langdon
2 Hare Court: Sallie Bennett-Jenkins, Michael Holland
No 7 Harrington Street (Liverpool): Richard Pratt
1 High Pavement (Nottingham): Kanta Shant
Hollis Whiteman Chambers: David Jeremy, Ian Stern
KBW (Leeds): Adrian Waterman
6 King’s Bench Walk: Mark Dennis
Lamb Chambers: Bernard Richmond
2 Paper Buildings: Roderick Johnson
5 Paper Buildings: Amanda Pinto
3 Paper Buildings: Nigel Lickley, Christopher Parker
Park Court Chambers (Leeds): Bryan Cox
Peel Court Chambers: Andrew O’Byrne
2 Pump Court: Richard Christie
Six Pump Court: Peter Gower
3 Raymond Buildings: Patrick Gibbs, Helen Malcolm
18 Red Lion Court: Stephen Harvey, Mark Lucraft
9 St John Street (Manchester): Nicholas Clarke
St Philips Chambers: Paul Farrer
Three Temple Gardens: Ian Bourne
Tooks Chambers: Joel Bennathan
Valios & Boardman Chambers: Stuart Trimmer
Walnut House Chambers (Exeter): Martin Edmunds
15 Windley Square (Preston): Anthony Cross
York Chambers: Eric Elliott


No 5 Chambers: Lorna Meyer
Albion Chambers (Bristol): Charles Hyde
One Garden Court: Janet Bazley, Charles Geekie
Garden Court Chambers: Johanne Delahunty
9 Gough Square: Alexander Verdan
Harcourt Chambers: Frances Judd
1 Hare Court: Deborah Bangay, Nigel Dyer, Michael Nicholls
4 Paper Buildings: Kate Branigan, Marcus Scott-Manderson
30 Park Place (Cardiff): Ruth Henke
St John’s Buildings (Manchester): Sarah Singleton
St John’s Chambers (Bristol): Susan Jacklin
9 St John Street (Manchester): Gillian Irving
Zenith Chambers (Leeds): Clive Heaton


Hugh James Solicitors: John Powell
Linklaters: Christopher Style
Venters Solicitors: June Venters
Woodfines: Niall Peter Quinn