Silk street

 Diversity appears to be the watchword at the bar these days. Of the 129 new silks, 20 will be women, up from 16 last year, while nearly half of all non-white applicants were made up.

 The biggest winners among chambers were 11KBW, Fountain Court and Doughty Street Chambers, each of which will see five of their number take silk.

 The total number made up has increased from last year’s figure of 104, while the slide in number of applicants over the last couple of years has also been arrested with 275 putting their names forward compared with 247 last time round.

 Special mention should go to Tooks’ Hugh Southey who has made the grade after only 14 years call. At the other end of the scale, Alan Dashwood of Henderson Chambers was called back in 1969.

 So diversity reigns when it comes to experience, but it apparently doesn’t extend to solicitors.

 Eversheds’ Marcus Trinick was the lone appointee of the 10 solicitor advocates who applied. Discriminated against for being a solicitor? That would probably be a first…
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