UK Legal

Focused on the UK 200 and the evolving national market including the Big Four accountancy firms and largest law companies

ALSP: The big four and more

This report:

  • contains an overview of the leading ALSPs in the UK
  • analyses the extent to which the ALSPs are making inroads into the domestic legal market
  • divides the ALSPs into three groups – Big Four, law firm captives and law companies.
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by  Lucie Cruz
December 2022

The UK 200: The Independents 2022

This report contains

  • the second half of the top 200 UK firms (101-200) ranked by firmwide revenue
  • analysis on the challenges facing this segment of the market
  • interactive firm specific profiles for the Independents including data on their financials, business mix and operations.
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by  Matt Byrne
November 2022


This report contains:

  • a review of the firms ranked between 176-200 over a period of 10 years (2011-2021)
  • an analysis of the rate at which the borderlanders need to grow in order to better their ranking
  • an overview of how the market looks for those who occupied the borderlands in 2021.
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by  Katy Dowell
February 2022

UK 200: The Independents 2021

As part of the UK 200 2021 series, this report focuses on the second half of the top 200 UK firms. The Independents report focuses on the firms ranked 101-200 by revenue and contains individual firm profiles on every Independent including data on financials, gender diversity and all-around performance.

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jo harris
by  Joanne Harris
November 2021

The Big 4 and ALSPs

In the midst of the UK 200 series, discover how the Big Four and other ALSPs have been operating.

  • Headcount breakdown within the Big Four
  • Strategic analysis over the last three years
  • New hires and the future of the Big Four
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Cristiano Dalla Bona
by  Cristiano Dalla Bona
October 2021

The UK 200 – Market overview and UK Top 1-50 profiles

This half of the UK 200 Top 100 report features the overview of the last financial year and includes the profiles for the firms ranked 1-50 in 2021. We look at skyrocketing profits, how some firms got their predictions wrong and the spotlight shines on this year’s new entrants to the Top 100.

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Richard Simmons
by  Richard Simmons
September 2021

Real estate in the UK51-100

In this report, we look at real estate teams outside the UK top 50, who all face similar challenges as the sector emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. We spoke to a series of real estate leaders across the market to talk about how they set up their departments, how the last year progressed, and their growth strategies.

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Richard Simmons
by  Richard Simmons
July 2021

The UK 200: Top independent firms 2020

The UK Independents report analyses law firms ranked 101-200 by revenue in The UK 200.

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jo harris
by  Joanne Harris
November 2020

The UK 200: The top 100 firms 2020

The global pandemic changed the world and the legal market has not been immune. The UK 200 report includes unmatched data and insight on the impact of the crisis on the UK’s leading law firms and the sector as a whole.

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by  Matt Byrne
October 2020

The UK 200: Operational Healthcheck 2020

Exclusive one-year and historical data exposes the pressures firms are under to deliver legal services as efficiently as possible in a period of intense competition.

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by  Jesse Middleton
January 2020