Shrubsall, aka Nostradamus

One Essex Court senior clerk Paul Shrubsall went into semi-retirement last Thursday (31 July) and was invited to speak at the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks’ (IBC) annual ­dinner for his swan song.

Tulkinghorn, as usual, was there in spirit, ­watching and listening through the eyes and ears of one of his spies.

The mole reported that a characteristically jovial Shrubsall, a former IBC president, started his keynote address by ­comparing himself to US President George W Bush.

He continued in a self-deprecating vein by saying that the chambers would continue to thrive, despite his departure.

“I can see the headline in The Lawyer now,” he said. “‘Shrubsall retires, One Essex Court doubles income’, with that ­implication of cause and effect that they love so well.”

The Tulkinghorn scribe that attended the dinner promised not to report his future predictions. Oops. Sorry Paul. Don’t blame the scribe. Tulkinghorn has no mercy.