Shout out for Law Rocks

Yes, last night was Law Rocks night, a chance for lawyers to let down what remains of their hair and shake it all about to classic tunes played by their colleagues on amps turned all the way up to 11.

And boy did it get loud last night. In years to come thousands will say they were there at the 100 Club to see the Practical Law Company’s (PLC) metal monsters Big Ghost stampede their way through Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name on their way to a unanimous victory and then perform a note-perfect Sweet Child o’ Mine for the encore. Only those actually present, and today serenely enjoying a gentle buzzing in and around their tympanic membranes, will allow themselves a slow smile of satisfaction.

But great as they were, PLC weren’t the only stars on show last night. Squire Sanders, CMS Cameron McKenna, Michelmores and Landmark Chambers all turned up, tuned up (in some cases) and rocked out. And raised a shedload of cash for charity in the process.

Keating Chambers senior clerk Nick Child called it “one of the best nights out you can have in London for £20”.

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