Ahead of the inaugural Smarter Working Week in association with Shoosmiths event, Shoosmiths chief executive Simon Boss spoke with The Lawyer about the concept of smarter working and how that has evolved over the past year.

“Many people may think smarter working is just about efficiency or productivity” and while it includes that, it’s actually much broader, Boss explains. “I think for me it’s fundamentally around the best use of time, both in terms of how we work as lawyers, but also thinking about how we work with our clients and ensuring that we’re building relationships and an understanding of their business.”

Working smarter is therefore not just about being a bit better, a bit faster, a bit more efficient but also about being more aligned to the business and having a deeper understanding of it. It’s about building relationships based on trust that allow GCs to fully understanding how their teams work and whether there is another, better way of doing things.

“It’s about people and the best use of their time”, Boss concludes. Watch the full interview below:


About Simon:

As chief executive of Shoosmiths, Simon Boss is responsible for driving forward the vision of the firm, which is to be the UK’s leading law firm famous for its client experience.
Simon combines leadership and management of the firm’s core divisions (real estate, corporate, business advisory and personal advisory) and directorates, and is focused on providing the unifying drive to take Shoosmiths into its next exciting chapter. Signature hallmarks of his leadership style include a strong commitment to diversity, fairness, empathy and humour.