Shoosmiths name-drops to modernise

Shoosmiths & Harrison is indulging in name-dropping by ridding itself of “& Harrison”.

Graham New, the firm's managing partner, explains: “Shoosmiths is the name by which most clients know us. We are making this common usage official.”

The decision marks the end of a 100-year association. Named partner Frank Harrison, the Northampton-born son of a local shoe manufacturer, joined Shoosmiths in 1894 as a junior clerk. William Shoosmith founded the firm in his own name half a century before.

In a letter to clients, the firm explained: “First, it enhances the uniqueness… of our principal brand. Second, it enables us to associate particular service sub-brands with our main brand without creating an inelegantly long phrase.

“And third, adjusting our name provides an opportunity to modernise and improve the way we present ourselves.”