Shakespeares’ play

The West Midlands has a new legal giant. Well, okay, a new £24m firm.

It might not qualify as the latest in the growing list of transatlantic behemoths but the merger of Shakespeare Putsman and Needham & James is enough to place the new firm among the top 100 largest in the UK (see story).

Not bad for a bunch of lawyers who three years ago worked at a couple of £10m regional outfits.

And the indications from the firm’s chief executive Paul Wilson are that it’s not done yet. One way or another – be it Legal Services Act-style external investment or further bolt-ons – Wilson says Shakespeare Putsman is looking to grow.

Though of course that could all be a Midsummer Night’s Dream, or a Tempest in a teacup, or a Comedy of Errors.

(Oh come on, you know you were waiting for it.)

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