Shaken, not stirred

Not content with shocking the world by becoming the first of the magic circle to set up shop Down Under (see story), the firm has now pounced on the unsuspecting denizens of Qatar to launch yet another new office (see story).
If things keep going at this rate, it’ll only be a few months before there’s an A&O office set up to hunt Kaiser Soze in Skokie, Illinois.
What no one has told managing partner Wim Dejonghe (whose moniker would not have been out of place in Ian Fleming’s oeuvre) is that these plans were invariably foiled at the last minute.
Luckily, Dejonghe and his colleagues seem too focused on taking advantage of a few gaps in the banking market in the Middle East and Far East to bother with the trickier task of holding the United Nations to ransom.
So maybe Daniel Craig shouldn’t be expecting any desperate calls from the spooks at Clifford Chance or Links just yet.
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