Shaddap you face

On the subject of all-round good blokes, well this time it's a woman actually, Tulkinghorn was delighted to encounter the truly wonderful Carolyn McCombe, solicitor turned barristers' clerk.`Currently the senior clerk at commercial set 4 Pump Court, McCombe started her legal life reading law at Cambridge University. While there, she encountered Jonathan Hirst, who is now a leading commercial silk at Brick Court and last year's chairman of the bar, and a charming man to boot.`But although very fond of Hirst, McCombe says that purely because of the embarrassingly loud volume of his voice, she tried to avoid him when they were on busy trains.`And When McCombe spent time as a clerk at Brick Court, the clerking team always knew when Hirst would soon be arriving because they could hear his boom all the way from Temple tube station.